SAN FRANCISCO - October, 2003 - Some people celebrate French fashion, others laud French style, but the most impassioned group is made of those who revel in France's most sensuous export - its chocolate cuisine. In honor of this widely féted masterpiece, TCB-Cafe Publishing is announcing the Fall 2003 launch of its newest anticipated bestseller, "CHOCOLATE FRENCH: Recipes, Language, and Directions to Francais au Chocolat." This latest volume in the respected field of books on chocolate takes the modern formula for cookbooks to an entirely new plateau. "Chocolate French" not only provides instructions on how to prepare and create fabulous French-style chocolate dishes, but also invites the reader into the real world of the special French relationship with chocolate.

Says S. Green of TCB-Cafe Publishing, "The French have been wild fans of chocolate since it arrived in Europe centuries ago, and since then have completely absorbed it into the heart of their culture." An example of this is the tendency for French parents to allow children to eat chocolate at a very young age. This early exposure leads to a more refined sense of taste in adulthood, as well as a more intimate familiarity with the product. It also explains the ability of the French to make almost anything out of chocolate, including haute couture evening gowns.

"Chocolate French" takes this culture of français au chocolat and provides a publication that delivers both food and lifestyle satisfaction. It also looks globally for inspiration, and encompasses not only France but other chocolate-loving Francophone countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec and Martinique, as well as international locales with strong French influences. Famous chefs of French cuisine ranging from Australia to Paris have offered 50 of their most famous recipes, as well as their own personal insights and experiences with chocolate. In addition to the Foreword by Bernard Poussin of historic Paris chocolatier Debauve & Gallais, contributors include chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin, Jeff Cerciello of Bouchon, Chef Isabelle Alexandre of Citronelle, Jean Louis Gerin of Restaurant Jean Louis, Bruno's Table of Brisbane, the Cordon Bleu, Chefs Ross Browne and Murielle Roux of Absinthe, Chef Max Braud of Le Zinc, Dorothée Mitrani-Bell of La Note Restaurant Provençal, Chef Patrick Albert of Cafe de la Presse, Chef Jim Jardine of Cafe Andrée, Swiss chefs John Lehmann and Conny Züger, Restaurant Lulu, the Left Bank, chocolatier Kubler, Chicago's French Pastry School, Carlo's, and Cafe Matou, ZOE BISTROT, and author Monique Y. Wells.

Says TCB-Cafe Publishing's chief editor and founder, A.K. Crump, "Vive le français au chocolat!"

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