She had green eyes, that excellent sear, And little peaks to either ear. She sat there, and I sat here. She spoke of Egypt, and a white Temple, against enormous night. She smiled with clicking teeth and said That the dead were never dead; Said old emperors hung like bats In barns at night, or ran like rats -- But empresses came back as cats!

-William Rose Benet (1886-1950)


Come, come let us be off together this springtime afternoon, come let us go through the city, let us talk, of everything, it's the happiness of life, to watch the movement, the city through the shop windows, the yellow light, let's keep on going, let's keep on staying, there and there again, to watch the city behind the shop windows, the yellow light it sheds, let us talk, of leaving, of staying, of writing, of killing oneself, you see, come for nothing, to hear the sound, the sound of foreign languages, the cries, the din, the river, the sweetness we speak, look at those vultures gliding above the valleys, look, in search of their prey, the wars, you know, the camps, yes, listen, the trains, running through Europe, from hunger it's said, and the dead, again, yes, you know it, yes, everything is similar and nothing is, no nothing since we are there, us, yes, listen, listen to that emptiness that is coming, new, the new adventure, let us stay together till evening, let us watch our long shadows on the sidewalks, let's stay together up to the slanting light, the evening, let's watch the night come, the other side of life, that turning back, scarcely can it be seen, scarcely can it be felt, that sliding back, that supple pivot, and then here, here they come, the genies, the genies of darkness, light-footed, they come, listen, the new harvests, those of the non-workers, those who will do no work again, will not suffer, will discover their fitness in the unlimited leisure of life, look, listen, that strange time, it is coming, long, it is long, slow, there is no more work, there will be no more work, the long stretches of unemployment of the end of the twentieth century, you've heard, have begun, are going to stay, to become time honored, let's say the same thing about summer, the summer is beginning, let's say it like that , the summer is beginning, the long days of summer, they are slow and profound, will stay that way for eternity, come, the proliferation of jobs has ceased, the proliferation of trouble too, it's also not worth the trouble anymore, they not lying anymore, no more work, no more workers, come let's talk, again, of everything, it's the happiness of life, of this ocean city, this is where the city will rise from the waters, from this river, she's the one from the other side, listen, look at her, she's coming, she's the one who is coming, her, the loss of the world, look, here she is, you recognize her, she is our sister, our twin, she's coming, greetings, we smile at her, so young is she, so beautiful, with her white skin, her green eyes.
- Marguerite Duras, Green Eyes


By Macno

I was just drinking something at a table, thinking about how the music was horrible and unheardable in those times, with all its bumps and acute sounds and long basses mixed savagely without any real taste. It's the fashion, I thought, soon we will hear something better. But at least there, I had to suffer those sounds. I was there, anyway, and the drink helped me in feeling better, I looked around, just to see the people inside and when I met her eyes everything seemed to stop, the lights were caressing her body and those eyes, those incredible green eyes, were just the center of the universe. I stared her, she stared me with a curious smile, I couldn't let this occasion fade away. I stood up, got near her and smiling friendly I asked if she wanted to sit at my table. She accepted and I was already in paradise. We started to talk, to scream over the unsunstainable music, I offered her something to drink, something strong, and soon my senses started to lose the firm control on the things. We were there, talking and talking, smiling and laughing, looking ourselves and not caring of everything else. The world seemed a distant thing, we were there, me in front of her, her in front of me, and just this was enough, the lights, of every color, were always giving a new look to her face but her eyes, those amazing green eyes, were better and brighter than every possible light. They really sparkled like stars. I noticed the glances around, the suspicious, interested, curious and maybe envious eyes of the people around, but I didn't really take care of them. I liked her, I liked her foreign accent, her calm and friendly manners and I loved those eyes. It was clear that also she was interested in me, her customs were different from ours, they were more free and less outdated, it was clear that we had to make sex together that night. But there was no hurry, we drank, we chatted, we laughed and only when it was late enough we decided to leave that rumorous place and to go to my hotel room. I remember the surprised eyes of the guys who saw us entering in my room, and I laughed at them in my mind. I turned on the lights, I looked her and she smiled shyly, in a way that really made me crazy. I started to be quite excited, but still those moments were better if they could last more. So I offered her something to drink again, she accepted, I think that also she was enjoying those moments of wait, there was that curiosity and shyness in those eyes that was really exciting. It almost seemed that it was the first time for her. At a certain moment, without any particular sign, we interrupted our chats and kissed each other, it was always fantastic to kiss creatures like her, so perfect, so incredibly awesome. We started to throw away our dresses, it had been quite a confusing and frantic strip, our arms were crazingly working around our bodies. When I removed her last induments I got a little farther, to see her better, and I could really appreciate the perfection of her body. I caressed her legs, slowly, softly, grazing the hot point, hearing her howlings of pleasure and expectation, I started to lick, my tongue was leaving warm spit on every part of her body, sometimes she twisted, hit in an erogenous zone, and then I came again on that zone, lapping, kissing, licking till she almost cried of pleasure. Then I entered in her body, going up and down, slowly, enjoying every movement while she was murmuring soft words in my ears, caressing my hairs, kissing my lips. It was real sex and it gave real pleasure, there was nothing bad in that but still in those times it was something forbidden. Now we are more advanced, more open minded, but, believe it or not, at those times sex between different species was forbidden, humans and reptilians couldn't, for the law, make love. But I wasn't thinking that in those moments, when we reached orgasm at the same time, when I looked once again those wide, staring, green eyes, when I caressed those regular scales, when I felt that forked tongue grazing my face, I was in paradise and no stupid law could bring me away from there.

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